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LUXeXceL - Inventor of Printoptical Technology

LUXeXceL Group offers services for Optics Design and Additive Manufacturing of Optics. Our process 3D prints optical structures and elements using modified wide format industrial inkjet equipment. The results of the process are geometric or freeform shapes that may include transparent prisms or lenses, as well as full color 3D graphics and textures. Optical quality surfaces are achieved with no post processing. Printoptical Technology avoids complicated and costly conventional processes, gets rid of obsolete stock and shortens the time to market significantly.



Corporate News

March 25, 2014

Our staff will be present at Light+Building 2014. If you would like to be introduced into the world of digital optics manufacturing where customizing is standard? Please contact us for an appointment!

March 18, 2014

"This facility will allow us to upscale our production, and bring down the time to market for large series of customized optics significantly" Says LUXeXceL CEO Richard van de Vrie.

The new facility will be equiped with a brand new production line in a clean room environment, further improving manufacturing quality.