Corporate Profile

LUXeXceL Group
LUXeXceL Group, Inventor of Printoptical Technology, develops , manufactures and markets optical solutions for the global LED lighting industry, by a novel and patented digital printing, optical and lighting technology, a fundamental innovation in the Additive Manufacturing of optics.

The company is at the forefront of research and development of environmentally friendly, easier and less costly solutions and act as a game changer for traditional optical products and production methods.

The optical devices are engineered to enhance light and light distribution, to improve and ease the performance, design and manufacturing of LED lighting optics, and to create new product, marketing, and media possibilities. Focus is on the design, short term prototyping and manufacturing of LED lighting optics.

LUXeXceL leads the “digitization of optics”, and offers OEM lighting manufacturers and Optics Specialists significant cost reductions and time savings through adopting their one step “CAD-to-Optic” process.

The company was recently honored by the Frost & Sullivan "2012 Enabling Technology Innovation Award for Advanced LED Lighting Optics". Printoptical Technology is seen as an Emerging Technology for the 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing Industry.

LUXeXceL, headquartered in Goes, the Netherlands, was founded in 2009 and offers manufacturing as a service.