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Simple Process. Clever Strategy. Quality Output.

Here is how it works.

1. Design

2. Upload on our website

3. Get the 3D printed product

That’s it! With this three-step process, you’ll get your lenses or other printed optics within just 10 business days. Using our unique Printoptical technology, we create optical lenses and other 3D printed optical products.

What is Printoptical technology?

It’s our patented process to print 3D optical components based on customer demand. It is a digital additive manufacturing process that uses specially designed printers that jet individual droplets of a UV- curable material. With the unique management of fluent dynamics by jetting, flowing, and merging droplets before curing, our extremely precise digital printer platforms print optical components from a substrate material directly from a CAD file. The 3D printed optics thus produced are smooth and do not require any post-processing.

This process is scalable and enables optics testing with easy iterations, giving the best output in the industry.

What can we offer?

LUXeXceL offers fast, functional prototyping and on-demand volume manufacturing. With our services, you get high development speed, cost reductions, and the possibility to customize according to the application, project, or even a single product.

At present, our focus is on illumination lenses and non-imaging optics as well as decorative and micro-optical structures. If you have a different project or product in mind, please feel free to contact the specialists at LUXeXceL to discuss your other ideas and requests.

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