Printoptical Technology Facts

Printoptical Technology

  • Is a fundamental innovation in Additive Manufacturing (“3D Printing”);

  • Is the first and only process in the world that allows optics fabrication by one-step CAD-to-Optic manufacturing;
  • Our customers prepare CAD files of the designs of the optical elements they want and LUXeXceL then creates optics DIRECTLY from those CAD files.  No molds need be created. No intermediate steps. No post-processing is needed; 

  • Enables low cost, print on-demand rapid prototypes and low- to mid-volume production of advanced optics, including Fresnel and free-form lenses, prisms, micro-structures and optical laminates, as well as full color graphics and textured surfaces;
  • Is system based on proven wide-format industrial inkjet printing equipment which is modified to enable the Printoptical process;
  • Is capable of delivering complex, optically smooth surfaces with no post-processing, no other 3D-printing method can do that;
  • Can create a very wide range of output both symmetrical lenses and “freeform” shapes that would be very expensive or impossible to create with other processes;
  • Is named as one of five key “Emerging Technologies” that will change additive manufacturing by ‘Wohlers Associates’, a highly-respected independent consulting firm that provides technical and strategic advice on the new developments and trends in additive manufacturing and 3D printing, in its 2012 Wohlers Report;

  • Was awarded September, 2012 by Frost & Sullivan for it "pioneering" and future advantages for the (Additive) Manufacturing of Advanced Lighting Optics for the LED Lighting Industry;
  • Was invented by LUXeXceL Group B.V., based in Goes, The Netherlands;