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Luxexcel wins Prism Award 2022 Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Luxexcel's complete VisionPlatform 7 solution to create prescription lenses and integrate smart technology like waveguides, was recognized as the solution to solve a key challenge in the augmented reality industry: enabling fashionable smart eyewear with prescription lenses.

Luxexcel Prism Award 2022

Who is Luxexcel?

Luxexcel is a technology company that has developed and patented the methodology to 3D print lenses. This includes a suite of proprietary hardware, software, materials, and processes which work together to create high-quality lenses unlike any other lens available.

We have selected prescription eyewear lenses as the best application for our technology, although we are able to print many types of lenses.

The technology offers unique design benefits for both smart and traditional eyewear:

  • Smart prescription lenses which appear like fashionable eyewear
  • Thinner and lighter lenses than any other manufacturing method
  • Customized lens designs, including mass customization
  • Ability to integrate smart devices inside lenses as we print
  • Combination of waveguides, prescription, and light engine into one module allowing the device to be used as regular prescription eyewear

What we offer

The technology offers unique manufacturing benefits:

  • One automated platform that creates a lens on the push of a button
  • Replaces 30+ process steps in traditional lens manufacturing, with one
  • Create various lens designs from a bottle of liquid
  • Integrates coating steps within the lens printing process
  • Eliminates the need for extensive lens inventories and stock
  • Is environmentally friendly

At Luxexcel we offer unique expertise and support from product development to volume manufacturing:

  • Our experienced team help our customers to develop their designs while guiding them to harness the unique abilities of our 3D lens printing technology
  • Provide small series production facilities for pilot production
  • Provide commercial volume manufacturing solutions for prescription smart eyewear placed at the site of the customer’s choice

Prescription lenses are a prerequisite for eyewear and smart glasses

Today, it’s estimated that six out of 10 people need vision correction to see their best and function in everyday and work life.

We understand that wearers of today require customized lenses. To fully optimize eyewear or smart glasses, it’s essential to integrate prescription powers into everyday, sun, and smart glasses, or with electrochromic lenses.

Our technologists, lens designers, and marketers utilize their wealth of experience to help you deliver functional eyewear and wearable technology.

Our 3D technology enables the new wave in wearables – it creates thin and light lenses, customized to meet the wearer’s optic requirements, and fit into everyday glasses or smart devices. With our 3D technology, we provide you with a scalable platform that allows you to commercially 3D print lenses in volume.

Key facts about Luxexcel

How we work

Our focus is to provide you with a complete technology solution to manufacture in volume high-quality 3D printed prescription lenses embedded with smart technologies.

We provide a business model that empowers you with agility and faster time-to-market of your products. Our hardware, software, materials, printing processes, and support enable you to create innovative products for your customers or end-users.

We understand the adoption journeys of 3D technologies. Talk to us about your requirements and we are here to help bring your vision to life.

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Our technology: how does it work?

Our technology builds lenses droplet by droplet. The Luxexcel VisionEngine™ is an inkjet-based 3D printer that builds lenses using Luxexcel VisionClear™, our proprietary liquid material. Billions of droplets of VisionClear™ are deposited in several passes on an acrylic-based material until the desired shape and size of the lens is created. During the process, the droplets flow and merge when it hits the surface, creating various lens shapes and sizes. The droplets merge before they’re locked in place enabling smooth surfaces. Our lenses do not require blanks, taping, blocking, generating, polishing, lasering, deblocking, or de-taping.

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Why 3D print lenses?

Work with us to create new opportunities to differentiate your businesses and develop unique custom lens products. Our team of designers, technologists, and marketers utilize their combined experience to ensure that you reduce the time-to-market of new products.

With our 3D technology, you’re able to 3D print lenses for many applications – on-demand and in high-volume. You’re also able to fulfil wearers’ exact requirements and print complex optics that are difficult to manufacture with legacy lens-making technologies. Wearers or end-users benefit from prescription lenses with added qualities that fit into everyday glasses.

We provide a complete solution for 3D printing that includes hardware, software, and support. There’s no need to keep inventories or implement a long supply chain. 3D printing also significantly reduces non-recyclable waste and the process doesn’t require using water compared with traditional lens making.


The Luxexcel VisionPlatform™ consists of industrial-grade optical 3D-printers, lens-design software, and workflow integration tools. We enable you to manufacture 3D printed ophthalmic quality lenses for smart glasses that meet industry standards. Our commercial lenses are manufactured in the US and Europe and meet ANSI, ISO, and FDA requirements.

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