Luxexcel Printoptical © Technology

Manufacturing smooth, optical products

In recent years 3D printing has come to the forefront as a disruptor for manufacturing processes across all industries. With patented Printoptical © Technology, Luxexcel is the only company in the world which can 3D print lenses. This unique technology opens up new opportunities to differentiate and create unique custom products.

Marco Bozzola, Co-founder

Luxexcel's 3D printing technology enabled us to make use of rapid prototyping for optics. With this unique technology we were able to refine our product and iterate until we were satisfied with the product design of the f.lens.

Marco Bozzola, Co-founder at f.lens
Mark Jongewaard

3D printed optics do offer significant benefits in manufacturing speed, flexibility and affordability.

Mark Jongewaard at University of Colorado
Noel C. Giebink

We selected printed optics by Luxexcel because it is a true enabling technology that allowed us to rapidly and inexpensively prototype and test our concept.

Noel C. Giebink at Pennstate University
Project manager

Thanks to the ease, speed and flexibility of Luxexcel's fast Printoptical © process we've got an even more perfect and functionally improved luminaire at the same time.

Project manager at Oligo
Simon French, Managing Director

Without the speed of Luxexcel's fast printing process for LED optics we would never have managed to get our show presentation ready in time.

Simon French, Managing Director at F-Sign
Project manager

Rockwell Collins, a pioneer in the development of aviation electronic solutions, and Luxexcel, 3D printing service for optical grade transparent products, collaborate to test applications of 3D printed lenses.

Project manager at Rockwell Collins
Wolfgang Plank, Head of MOEMS factory

The fast and flexible Luxexcel prototyping process enabled us to create customized optics for our LpS2015 Heat spreader demonstrator with delivery of the parts in a very short timeframe.

Wolfgang Plank, Head of MOEMS factory at Escatec
Project manager

The ordering of small quantities tilt lenses tailored for our custom lighting projects along with the on demand ordering helps us to keep stock levels low and our working capital available for operational purposes.

Project manager at Paviom
Samuel Sadoulet, President and COO

Creating optics with Luxexcel's patented Printoptical © Technology is a great advancement in the manufacture of 3D printed optics and we are thrilled to bring these components to the photonics industry.

Samuel Sadoulet, President and COO at Edmund Optics
Paula Osório, R&D & Production Manager

A good product simulation, or prototype, is more and more important in product development. It makes it possible to reduce loops and in consequence also reduces development process lead time.

Paula Osório, R&D & Production Manager at Osvaldo Matos

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