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About ophthalmic 3D printing

Luxexcel developed a proprietary 3D printing technology which can print smooth and transparent prescription lenses without the need for polishing. Luxexcel provides a turn-key solution called the Luxexcel VisionPlatform™. The platform consists of industrial grade 3D-printers, lens material, lens-design software and workflow integration tools. Luxexcel leverages a strong patent portfolio. 3D printers, lens material and software are designed in-house by an experienced team.

Key applications range from traditional eyewear to smart glasses. Smart eyewear is considered “the next big thing” similar to the smartphone revolution. Luxexcel provides the flexibility and simplicity needed to enable this industry shift.

Convinced about our unique proposition? Contact Guido Groet , Chief Strategy Officer.

Supervisory Board of Luxexcel

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Birgitte van Haaren

Independent chairman

Wouter Jonk

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Martin Kröner

MVP Munich Venture Partners

Dany Vandevelde


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