About Luxexcel

Luxexcel, the pioneer in 3D printed ophthalmic lenses, developed a 3D printing technology for ophthalmic lenses. A globally unique technology which can print without the need for polishing. This 3D printing process offers the ophthalmic industry new possibilities. New ophthalmic concepts can be developed like embedded sensors in the lens, filters or brand new lens shapes.

Luxexcel provides a turnkey 3D print solution for ophthalmic laboratories. This technology solution will offer a revolutionary new approach to ophthalmic lens manufacturing. Luxexcel surprised the Eyewear Industry by 3D printing the Worlds' first fully functional pair of glasses back in 2009. 

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Since 2009 Luxexcel has kept on improving their process intensively and continues to do so. Backed by international venture capitalists Luxexcel will continue to impact industries with its transparent 3D printing technology for ophthalmic lenses.

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