In recent years Luxexcel has won many awards for innovation.

KVK innovatie award 2015 luxexcel Winner SMEs Innovation Top 100

EXCELLENCE IN THE FIELD OF ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY COMMERCIALISATION Award Excellence in the Field of Environmental Technology Commercialisation 2015

Porter novelli Global Impact Award 2015

Prism awards winner 2015 Prism Awards 2015 Winner

fespa awards Global Winner of the 'FESPA Functional Printing Award 2014'

PIA 2014 Architectural SSL Product Innovation Awards (PIA)

deloitte Most Disruptive Innovator 2013

accenture Accenture Innovation Awards 2013

rapidpro Rapid Pro Award 2013

fd gazellen awards FD Gazellen Prize 2012

frostandsullivan awards 2012 Forst & Sullivan Best Practices Award

wohlersreportWohlers Report 2012 + 2013

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