3D printed lens with projection areas

Single use case

By integrating technology any device becomes an integral part of the prescription lens. 3D printed lenses enable true smartglasses. Instead of bulky goggles, you have the opportunity to make smart glasses that look like regular glasses enabled by 3D printing.

Projection to display an image in augmented reality glasses

Several smartglasses providers make use of projection to display an image to the eye. The design to make these projections functional is limited and cumbersome with traditional lens manufacturing technology. With 3D printing technology, the lens can be fully customized and have unusual projection areas not possible with legacy manufacturing to enable unique lens designs.

Custom 3D printed lens with projection areas

Many smartglasses imply sending an image to be overlaid on top of the image coming from the real world. To do this you need to change the direction of a light beam coming from one side of the frame so that it ends up in your retina. One way to do this is by creating optical surfaces that direct the light through the interior of the lens where the encounter an embedded device, for example, a slanted diffraction grid that modifies the trajectory of light towards the retina. Unique about 3D printing of prescription lenses is that you can create optical surfaces not only on the front and the back but also on the side which allows you to integrate the light engine in the frame instead of in the temples.