3D printed prism prescription lenses

Single use case traditional eyewear

Unique 3D printed lenses:
custom high power prism reader lens

A US-based lab had a client who wanted to sell an upgraded low-vision aide. Low vision patients such as those with macular degeneration or field defects need special lens powers. The product they would like to provide was a line of reading glasses with high plus base powers, each combined with prism. With legacy lens technology, the lenses were thick and cosmetically unappealing, created excessive glare, and were heavy and uncomfortable to wear.

Traditional technology vs. 3D printing of lenses

The available technology to make a better product using traditional lens manufacturing was not good enough. Attempts slowed down the production flow in the lab, and the yield was low. There was much room for improvement for the lab, customer, practitioner and patient, but no known path to achieve it.

Benefits custom 3D printed lens:

  • Thinner lens
  • Lighter lens
  • Better wearer comfort
  • Cosmetically more attractive lens compared to traditional

Luxexcel created optimized 3D printed lens designs for each of the desired SKUs using a combination of our proprietary 3D printers, print material and printer software. The result is a significant reduction in lens thickness, curvature and weight, resulting in a cosmetically appealing product that will deliver better vision for the patient. The lab was able to demonstrate commitment to excellence in customer service by delivering what their client needed. The client has a new line to sell to their eye care practitioner customers, delivering a vast improvement over legacy product. Through our partnership and the power of Luxexcel’s patented technology, we solved an existing problem together and created a completely new product: the world’s first 3D printed prism reading glasses.