3D printed prism prescription lenses

Use case: 3D printed prism prescription lenses for a US-based laboratory

Luxexcel created 3D printed prescription lenses for a US-based laboratory. The laboratory had a client who wanted to sell a line of reading glasses with high plus base powers each combined with prism for low vision patients, such as those with macular degeneration or field defects. When made with legacy lens technologies, high plus power prism lenses are thick, cosmetically unappealing, create excessive glare, and are heavy and uncomfortable to wear.

Luxexcel created 3D printed prism prescription lenses using a combination of our proprietary 3D printers, material, and software. The result is a significant reduction in lens thickness, curvature, and weight. The product is cosmetically appealing and delivers better vision for the patient.

Through our partnership with the US-based laboratory, we solved an existing problem and created a completely new product line: the world’s first 3D printed prism reading glasses.

Benefits of prism reading lenses enabled with Luxexcel’s technology:

  • Addressing clients’ requirements: The laboratory was able to demonstrate a commitment to excellence to its client by delivering on their requirements.
  • Extending the existing product range: The client has a new line to sell to eye care practitioners, delivering a vast improvement over legacy products.