Prescription insert lenses

Prescription lens inserts volume produced and customized to a user’s requirements

Augmented Reality wearables in the workplace allow users to visually display and analyze information relevant to their surroundings. The ability to see your best, therefore, becomes vital when using smartglasses. Yet, users who need vision correction are often expected to wear their prescription glasses underneath the smartglasses, which may cause discomfort, around lens edges and double vision, as well as obscures vision.

Our 3D printing technology enables prescription insert lenses to ensure a workable, viable enterprise Augmented Reality solution for users in the workplace who need vision correction to see their best.

We provide a complete volume manufacturing solution to 3D print prescription lens inserts. Lenses are customized to users’ prescription requirements – our platform 3D prints single vision and progressive lenses and enables lens customization to specify the user’s pupil distance and height.

Benefits of our prescription insert lenses:

  • Improved wearer experience: Our inserts follow the unique lens design of our customer’s smartglasses, ensuring that they integrate with the device and minimize eye strain and fatigue. Users can now wear smartglasses comfortably and for extended periods.
  • Adhere to industry regulations: Lenses meet industry standards and are ANSI, ISO, and FDA compliant.
  • Leverage future technologies: By leveraging our 3D printed technology, you have access to building blocks to manufacture smart prescription lenses for smartglasses. Examples include manufacturing active sun filters, Liquid Crystal Electrochromic lenses, or prescription lenses with embedded smart technologies (such as waveguides, LCD screens, or holographic films).