Custom specialty lenses

Volume manufacture unique products for your customers

A benefit of our 3D printing technology is the ability to manufacture custom lenses in a better form factor. By having fewer design limitations than with traditional lens-making methods, you’re able to create unique products. For example, you can customize the back and the front of the lens, the position of the pupil, and optimize the full lens to reduce thickness.

Examples of specialty lenses created with our 3D printing volume manufacturing platforms include prescription inserts for smart goggles, lenses with little magnets, lenses for medical applications, fashionable lenses with decorative elements inside, lenses with multiple progressive/ reading zones at custom locations (for example for golfers or pilots), and high prism training lenses, among others.

Benefits of custom specialty lenses:

  • Eliminating the need to source semi-finished blanks: Traditional lens making technology provides certain limitations as you need to source semi-finished lenses from which to make specialty lenses. Sourcing the appropriate variety of semi-finished lenses to adapt to a specialty lens may be difficult.
  • No need to employ specialist skills: Using tooling to make a specialty lens from a semi-finished lens requires a certain skill set, which you eliminate with 3D printing.
  • Creating large or small volumes: With 3D printing, you’re not dependent on a semi-finished lens and a specific skill set. You can create specialty lenses in large or small volumes depending on your needs.