Liquid Crystal Electrochromic lenses for sunglasses

Lead with fully functional Liquid Crystal Electrochromic lenses

Luxexcel’s 3D printing technology can volume manufacture fully functional Liquid Crystal Electrochromic lenses printed to shape for regular, fashionable sunglasses. These lenses created with our 3D printing technology easily switch from dark to light using light sensors which are added in the top corners of the frame or controlled via an app on a smartphone.

During our 3D printing process, layers of Liquid Crystal film are integrated into the lens material and prescription power is printed around or on top of it. The battery and the electronics are integrated into the frame. The film is fully encapsulated in the lens material which makes it durable and protects it from dust or moisture.

Liquid Crystal sunglasses available on the market today don’t address people’s vision correction requirements, are bulky, and prone to damage. The eyewear is manufactured using traditional methods in which 3D printing makes a bond with a Liquid Crystal foil during the manufacturing process. As a result, these foils damage as well as rub off easily during cleaning.

Lenses manufactured with our 3D printing technology are thin and lightweight, as compared to lenses manufactured with traditional methods. This is due to the nature of our 3D printing technology – we can customize the front and the back curve, as well as the shape of the lens. Our 3D printing process also allows for customized features, such as inserting a curved or a flat film depending on your requirements.

Benefits of Liquid Crystal Electrochromic lenses:

  • Prescription: Allow your customers to enjoy the benefits of Liquid Crystal Electrochromic lenses while meeting their vision correction requirements to see their best – all in normal-looking eyewear.
  • Durability: The foil is fully encased by the prescription lens material during the 3D printing process making it scratch-resistant and durable to withstand cleaning and normal eyewear use.