Electrochromic eyewear

Single use case

Electrochromic eyewear, which switches from different shades of darkness, is set to be the alternative for transition or photochromic lenses. Photochromic lenses darken on the exposure of light but switch relatively slow. Prescription lenses with electrochromic tint control provide improved user experience, allowing more control as the user can instantly switch from dark to transparent.

With the Luxexcel 3D printing process, electrochromic eyewear with prescription correction is created – this isn’t possible with legacy lens manufacturing technologies. Our proprietary 3D printing lens technology allows for the integration of secondary material such as an electronic part or thin-film inside the lens, providing opportunities to integrate an active flat or curved foil. Active electrochromic foils are integrated to create the next generation of electrochromic eyewear, but with the addition of prescription lenses.

Lenses are darkened at will or through a programmable photocell. Alternatively, an electrochromic film is integrated with a smart device to control light and keep the smart device fully visible in sunlight.

Benefits custom 3D printed lens:

  • Add prescription with easy by 3D printing the prescription lens on top of the electronic film
  • Easily switch between a clear and colored lens
  • No degradation in view
  • Similar in appearance to photochromic sunglasses
  • Scratch resistant: the foil is covered by the lens material on both sides thus ensuring an optimal performance