Integrate waveguides, holographic and electrochromic films, and other devices

Manufacture smartglasses that look like conventional eyewear

Our 3D printing technology enables you to manufacture Augmented Reality prescription lenses with built-in prescription power. Now, you can integrate technology such as waveguides, holographic and electrochromic films, and other devices into prescription lenses. The result is a thinner, more durable, easy-to-clean, and lightweight lens that appears more like conventional eyewear.

Smart technology is fully encapsulated during the printing process, and prescription power is printed on top or around it. Specific print features such as air gaps or prisms may be included in the lens design as part of the printing process. Our platform is vendor agnostic and integrates display technology that best fits the requirements of your Augmented Reality solution.

Benefits: integrating smart technology and prescription power in a lens:

  • Prescription: 70% of the adult population requires prescription lenses. With lenses that combine a user’s prescription requirements and smart technology, you’re able to meet the needs of customers who need vision correction to see their best.
  • Normal form factor: By using 3D printing, you can manufacture smartglasses in a normal form factor similar to a traditional lens. Lenses are lightweight and thin and look like normal-looking glasses.
  • Protection and durability: Display technologies can be sensitive, complex pieces of plastic or glass that easily break, scratch, or bend during normal use. When smart technology is encapsulated in the lens material during the 3D printing process, it becomes fully protected and durable.