Single vision, bifocal and progressive lenses

Commercially 3D print lenses in volume

Use our 3D printing platform to manufacture customized, high-quality 3D printed single vision (one distance only), or progressive addition lenses (lenses with multiple powers from distance to near) that meet industry standards. Alternatively, use our platform to create prescription inserts for your smart goggles, or co-create your special lens with Luxexcel, making maximal use of our 3D printing technology.

Our 3D printing technology is part of our volume manufacturing platform, which gives you the flexibility to create large volumes of products that are shaped to fit into a frame and optimized to include your customers’ unique prescription power specifications.

With our platform, you’ll eliminate 30+ process steps of traditional lens making and as such, manufacture a better-customized product. When you use our 3D printing lens manufacturing technology, you’ll have a baseline for manufacturing the next-generation of auto-shading sunglasses and smart eyewear lenses.

Benefits of 3D printing single vision, bifocal or progressive lenses:

  • No need for inventories: 3D printing doesn’t require you to keep stock. Each lens is custom-made as and when the wearer requires it.
  • Flexibility in lens design: With 3D printed lenses it’s possible to place different optical powers in custom locations on the lens, enabling more flexibility with the lens design compared to legacy lens manufacturing.
  • Leverage future technologies: By using our 3D printing platform, you’ll be able to leverage technologies to manufacture the next-generation of Liquid Crystal Electrochromic or smart eyewear.