Why it makes business sense to combine prescription with your smartglasses today

by Guido Groet – Chief Strategy Officer Luxexcel

There’s a sense of urgency in the smart eyewear industry to launch smartglasses that have consumer appeal. The technology to combine prescription with smart exists today. The launch of VisionPlatform™ 7, marks a milestone in the history of smart eyewear because to compete in the race to bring-to-market smartglasses to the mass consumer population, eyewear manufacturers need to address prescription in their smartglasses devices.


combine prescription and smartglasses


5 Top reasons why you need to leverage VisionPlatform 7 today

1. Meet the vision correction needs of consumers

For smartglasses to function optimally users need to see properly. Statistics reveal that more than 75% of the adult world population requires prescription lenses. The need for vision correction is a common phenomenon and most of us will need some kind of vision correction device during our lifetime. It’s just a simple fact that by not including prescription in smartglasses, most of the world population won’t be able to use your device.

2. Meet consumers’ expectations for fashionable prescription eyewear

Glasses have become a fashion accessory and a way for wearers to express their identities. For smartglasses to be adopted by consumers, they need to be presented in a form factor like traditional eyeglasses. VisionPlatform 7 enables prescription smart lenses that are thin, lightweight, and appear like traditional lenses. With our 3D printed lenses, smartglasses will become a fashionable item consumers are proud to wear.

3. Accelerate time-to-market of your smartglasses

We provide you with a ready-to-use manufacturing solution for prescription smart lenses. We enable this with the unique feature of our 3D printing technology, which seamlessly integrates smart technologies, such as waveguides or holographic optical elements into prescription material during the printing process. The result is a pair of fashionable smart lenses that can be worn, cleaned, and handled as if they were conventional eyewear. With VisionPlatform 7 you get a ready-to-use technology that enables you to accelerate the time-to-market of your devices.

4. Meet regulatory framework

Prescription eyeglasses are medical devices that must adhere to stringent industry regulations. Lenses produced by VisionPlatform 7 meet ISO and ANSI requirements for lens powers, as well as FDA standards. Our lenses deliver the quality expected from the ophthalmic industry. In addition, lenses have their designed optical performance directly from the printer without the need for any post-processes like polishing.

5. Obtain a lens manufacturing solution without having to hire the full skillset

To ensure a  device that combines prescription and smart functions requires a combination of skills in technology and optics. It can be difficult to find this combination of skill sets in one team. Now, you don’t need to employ additional niche skill sets. We provide customers with a complete solution to manufacture prescription smart lenses. VisionPlatform 7 prints a range of powers from high to low. We take care of prescription, so that you can focus your time and efforts on developing the technology and content for your device.

We believe that 3D printing is the manufacturing technology of the future. Other industries have completely changed due to 3D printing, such as hearing aids and the dental industry. 3D printing is also set to disrupt the smart eyewear industry. With VisionPlatform 7, Luxexcel provides a platform to develop and manufacture prescription smart lenses of the future, today. If you haven’t considered integrating prescription as a key feature of your smartglasses device yet, it’s time to take note!

About the author: As the Chief Strategy Officer, Guido Groet assists high-tech companies to leverage Luxexcel’s patented 3D printing technology to make better products while addressing the vision correction needs of customers.

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