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We are always keen to hear from driven professionals who have experience in optics, ophthalmics, 3D printing, mechatronics, and materials. Please forward your CV if you are interested.

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Current vacancies

At Luxexcel we have developed and are now commercializing 3D print solutions for lenses and in this we are the only company in the world. We have operations in the Netherlands, Belgium and the United States. We are on a path to open a new era in eyewear, delivering not just quality lenses but a new vision on smart eyewear.

Can you help us improve our software applications? Most of our development exists of enhancing our printing strategies, which include simulation algorithms. Of course all this needs to be easy-to-use, have a good looking design and most of all: be rock solid.

Key responsibilities

  • Develop .NET (WPF-based) applications for the VisionPlatform as part of the monthly commercial releases. Our most important applications are technical in nature. UI development doesn’t take most of our time.
  • Trouble-shoot issues as needed
  • Collaborate with several other Luxexcel teams (i.e. Quality Assurance).
  • Pro-actively increase quality by:
    • Supply meaningful contributions to our software architecture
    • Improve, develop & deploy our .NET applications, development process & release practices.
    • Assist with performance testing setups/executions

Skills and experience

  • Senior position: 5+ years of experience with design and development in .Net, unit testing, WPF. and 10+ years software development experience.
  • Medior position: 3+ years of experience with design and development in .Net, unit testing, WPF. and 5+ years software development experience.
  • Implementation experience with distributed applications working knowledge of software development DevOps tools and methodologies.
  • It is a must that you have affection or experience with at least one of the following subjects: inkjet printing, 3D printing, embedded software, electronics, machine control, mathematics & algorithms, physics

Candidate profile

It is expected that you:

  • Are a team-player who likes to work in a small team/company,
  • Are familiar with abstract thinking
  • Have a “get-things-done” mentality,
  • Are an active listener and clear communicator,
  • Do not hesitate to flag issues and concerns,
  • Are accurate, organized and responsible, and
  • Can take on goals independently, with respect for planning and deadline.

This challenging job is based in Turnhout (OMC) & Eindhoven (HTC).


At Luxexcel we have developed and are now commercializing 3D print solutions for lenses and in this we are the only company in the world. We have operations in the Netherlands, Belgium and the United States. We are on a path to open a new era in eyewear, delivering not just quality lenses but a new vision on smart eyewear.

Luxexcel is looking for a passionate polymer chemist researcher and developer. You will be dealing with advanced applied research with a clear focus in setting the basis the products of the future using and enhancing our unique technology in the context of a start-up, dynamic environment.

Are you enthusiastic about technology? Looking to break the barriers of existing state of the art and making possible what others consider impossible? Do you think you are an out of the box thinker yet persistent enough to convert ideas into reality? Then this job is for you.

Key responsibilities

The selected candidate will participate in the following activities

  • Taking the lead in applied research projects dealing with jettable monomers and subsequent polymerization: develop new ink in strong relation with process optimization
  • Managing the cooperation with research institutions, analytical laboratory and suppliers.
  • Leading the relationship with chemical third parties incorporated in the projects.
  • Incorporating into the company the know how acquired.
  • Designing and performing research experiments in our labs.
  • Support Validation team and Service team for chemistry related topics

Skills and profile

We search for an experienced Chemist / Chemical Engineer with the following skills

  • A university degree in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, optional a PhD
  • Mastering organic and macromolecular chemistry and analytics with specialization or strong knowledge in one of those area
    • thermo-mechanical properties of organic materials
    • Photo- or thermo- curing of organic resins
    • formulation of ink for inkjet
    • Chemistry of surface and interface
  • Experience of few years in an industry
  • Autonomous and capable of creating tests and experiments on his/her own.
  • Able to manage the interaction with third parties (other companies, Universities and research centers, analytical external laboratory) collaborating in the project
  • Teamplayer with developed social skills
  • A combination of research oriented vocation with hands on, experimental orientation
  • Problem solving and goal driven mindset
  • Self-motivated person willing to incorporate into a creative environment
  • Original out of the box thinker yet persistent, practical and results oriented
  • Fluent in English to integrate an international team

Ancillary skills

We will take into account

  • Having a master’s degree , optional a PhD in related topics
  • Fluent in English.
  • International experience
  • Experience and/or affinity with a startup environment


Principal location of work is Turnhout, Belgium


Do you get excited about smartglasses as a new disruptive technology? Do you believe that the impossible is possible? Do you consider yourself an out-of-the-box thinker yet persistent enough to convert ideas into reality?

Luxexcel is the only company in the world that prints 3D lenses. We partner with leaders to develop and commercialize smart prescription lens solutions. How do we do this? We use our technology to embed smart devices and prescription powers into our lenses embedding them in our lens material as we print. We successfully integrate a variety of smart devices such as waveguides, holographic films, and LCD screens into our lenses, ensuring that lenses have a regular-look and fit into everyday eyewear.

We employ the best talent in the industry to ensure that our partners develop smart eyewear that is durable, looks like everyday eyewear, and above all, meets smartglasses wearers’ vision correction needs. Our technology platforms are installed across Europe and North America with many more to come. Our head office is located in The Netherlands, with technical operations in Belgium, and service and business development in the USA.

Want to be part of our team?
We’re on a journey to create a new era in smart eyewear. Would you like to become part of our team to make smart eyewear a reality for everyone?
We’re looking for a professional with technical knowledge in creating smart eyewear, that will work closely with our team in Europe. In particular, you need to have intrinsic knowledge of waveguides and holographic films, and also understand the challenges involved in creating smart eyewear. It’s essential for this position that you’re a technical expert in the design of smartglasses.

Working at Luxexcel
• Support the strategic team in discussions with customers
• Deliver input to the technical team to develop applications for our   customers
• Interact with our optical designers to help create the optimal design
• Help us to develop the best possible solutions for our smart eyewear customers
• As part of the worldwide strategic team, contribute to the global go-to-market plan, and provide input on product development roadmaps, engagement strategy, and marketing efforts

What will make you a good fit for the role?
• Multiple years of experience in the application of waveguides and holographic solutions
• A thorough understanding of the technical challenges of traditional lens technology and the needs of smart eyewear users
• A degree in a relevant field: like physics or optics
• Able to work in a driven global team and have the ability to contribute expert technical knowledge
• Self-motivated and able to work under pressure
• Willing and able to travel (depending on global Covid-19 restrictions)

What we offer
• The ability to work in an exciting environment as part of a driven team that brings game-changing technology to market
• A startup environment with opportunities to grow within the company
• The unique opportunity to develop technology that makes smart eyewear accessible to everyone

Interested in working with us?