Transparent 3D printing for a wide range of industries

3D printing has become a disruptor for many manufacturing processes. With Luxexcel’s Printoptical © Technology you can make use of transparent 3D printing for your industry.

We serve these markets:

  • Lighting
  • Photonics
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Eyewear

How 3D printing can help you innovate in your industry

3D printing in general can help you improve time to market and lower costs. Research shows that companies that switch from traditional manufacturing to 3D printing can benefit from time savings in prototyping, ranging from 43 to 75 percent, compared to conventional technologies.

Printoptical © Technology enables you to make use of the speed and flexibility of 3D printing for your custom optics. Stocks become obsolete as you can print on demand. 3D printing speeds up the entire product development cycle, improving your time to market.

With our patented Printoptical © Technology we are the only company in the world to provide a 3D printing service for optically functional products. Your custom optics can now be manufactured within 5 working days. There is no more need for expensive tooling, as you can simply adjust your CAD file, upload and re-print. No more tools and no more post-processing.

At Luxexcel we are certain that 3D printing is the future. We want to help you innovate so you can maintain your competitive edge over competitors.

Contact us to discuss possibilities within your industry.

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