Senior Process Engineer

Key responsibilities

  • You develop advanced strategies to improve the process capabilities of the VisionEngine to improve the end-product quality of the 3D printed lenses.
  • You combine analytical and conceptual thinking, physical insight, flexibility and structured way of working to deliver sustainable project results.
  • You will manage improvement projects to implement sustainable changes.

Skills and experience

  • Masters (MSc) degree in Physics, Electrical, Mechanical or Industrial Engineering.
  • Minimum 10 years of experience process development - Capable of identifying critical process parameters and applying statistics to process measurement and control.
  • Must possess process engineering skills (process development/improvement, troubleshooting, data analysis, constraint analysis, flow optimization, root cause analysis, etc.).
  • Experience in breaking down high-level (e.g. end-product level) performance issues into addressable action items.
  • Experience with UV-curable inkjet processes is highly preferred.
  • Good knowledge of physics, optics and software to support the ability to truly understand the production-process and the end-product.
  • You have the ability to aggregate the data, to transform data into meaningful information.
  • Can take on and handle goals independently, with respect for planning and deadlines

Candidate profile

It is expected that the person taking up this role:

  • is self-starting,
  • taking ownership of the responsibilities,
  • solutions driven, result oriented
  • organized,
  • communicates very clearly external and internal with all stakeholders
  • can take on and handle goals independently, with respect for planning and deadlines

The job is based in Turnhout and the person reports directly to the VP R&D.

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