Combine a waveguide and prescription power in a single lens

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SPIE. AR, VR, MR presents: an interview with Luxexcel and WaveOptics on the “Integration of prescription power, a waveguide, and a projector in a single lens module”.

Date: 17th March 2021



Prescription lenses


Prescription lenses are a prerequisite in enabling the adoption of smartglasses by the mass consumer market. Glasses wearers need to see digital images, and the real world at the same time. As a technology leader for 3D printed lenses, we have expertise in smart technology and ophthalmic prescription lenses, and how to integrate and ensemble elements to ensure that our customers can add vision correction to their smartglasses.

WaveOptics Luxexcel Waveguide


Our 3D printing technology allows for fully functional waveguides in a thin, light, and fashionable form factor. During the 3D printing process, a flat waveguide is integrated into a curved lens whereafter an air gap is printed. A waveguide can easily break, scratch, or bend during normal use. When a waveguide is encased in the 3D printed lens it becomes durable: it’s fully protected against impact, dust, and humidity.

Lens mount

Mounting flange for the projector

A mounting flange for the projector is created during the 3D printing process enabling a complete unit. As such, the entire device becomes better aligned and structurally more resistant to pressure. The device also becomes more durable as the air gap is sealed by the projector. By integrating as many components as possible in a smartglasses device, the entire device has an opportunity to become lighter.

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