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Together, we’ll be demonstrating the integration of a waveguide and prescription power into a 3D printed lens.

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Prescription lens

75% of the world’s adult population requires prescription lenses. Enabling vision correction in Augmented Reality devices is vital. Luxexcel creates the prescription lens, making the full device thin, lightweight and fashionable.

3D printed prescription lenses with integrated reflective waveguide technology enable OEMs to create fashionable smartglasses today.

OE Max No Facets JPG

Waveguide technology

Lumus Maximus optical engines enables a 50 degree FoV, 1440 ²resolution, a 12mm x 12mm eye box and exclusive advantages of Lumus 2D waveguides: brightness that performs well outdoors in full sunlight, industry leading image quality and color uniformity with unparalleled battery efficiency.

The companies have co-developed a technology demonstrator of an Augmented Reality prescription lens solution which features a reflective waveguide, projector, and a prescription lens.

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