Luxexcel appoints new Chief Financial Officer

New executive appointed to support Luxexcel with its business growth

Alexander van der Trouw

Eindhoven – June 1st, 2020 – Luxexcel, the only company globally providing technology to 3D print prescription lenses, has appointed Alexander van der Touw as its Chief Financial Officer. Luxexcel enables smart wear developers to design and develop smartglasses which include prescription powers catering to users’ personalized requirements.

Fabio Esposito, Chief Executive Officer at Luxexcel says, “Our company is experiencing substantial growth. The growth is driven by demand for our solution which focuses on delivering the hardware-materials-software-process to 3D print lenses, as well as from the strategic partnerships we have formed with Big Tech companies. To support our growth, we needed a professional to strengthen our back office.”

He continues, “We’re delighted to welcome Alexander to the Luxexcel family. With his extensive background in finance and investments, and especially his strong background in fundraising, he is best suited to help grow our teams and operations.”

Van der Touw has acted as an interim CFO and corporate finance advisor for companies in different tech sectors. He was also CFO of multiple digital media companies that he founded, built, and subsequently sold.

Van der Touw says, “Luxexcel is at the forefront to enable our partners to make the transition from traditional to smart eyewear. Luxexcel has a unique advantage in that it’s the pioneer worldwide of 3D printing prescription lenses. I look forward to establishing processes to efficiently scale the organization while understanding and meeting our customers’ requirements. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our customers fully maximize the benefits of our 3D printing solutions.”

About Luxexcel
Luxexcel is the only company globally that prints 3D prescription lenses. As a pioneer, we have a unique understanding of the prescription eyewear market. Our in-depth knowledge and expertise help lens designers and manufacturers to create smart eyewear. Our customers expand their offerings with eyewear which corrects vision as well as includes smart-tech features. We do this with our unique patented 3D printing technology that embeds electronics, sensors, and films inside the lens and print prescription power on or around it. The smart tech is fully encased in our unique lens material, as we print. Luxexcel lenses are durable and thin and fit into conventional eyewear. We offer a complete 3D printing volume manufacturing solution which includes post-processes such as printing of hard coating on lenses, and we also address required features such as airgaps on waveguides.

Biography Alexander van der Touw
Chief Financial Officer
Alexander van der Touw is the Chief Financial Officer at Luxexcel where he’s responsible for supporting our strategic objectives with accounting, administration, and HR activities. Since graduating from university with a Computer Sciences degree, Alexander has combined his passion for innovation and technology with a strong desire to build solid and successful companies.

At Luxexcel, Alexander is valued for his extensive experience in finance and investments. He was CFO of multiple digital media companies that he founded, built, and subsequently sold. Earlier on in his career, Alexander founded and was Managing Director of an early-stage venture capital fund where he managed over 20 domestic and international investments.

In recent years, Alexander has also acted as an interim CFO and corporate finance advisor for different tech companies. Alexander is known as a ‘people’s person’ at Luxexcel and outside of work, enjoys good food and wine.

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