Luxexcel meets demands for prescription eyewear

To support its accelerated growth in the eyewear market, Luxexcel appoints new Chief Commercial Officer

Xander van MechelenEindhoven – May 1st, 2020 – Luxexcel has appointed Xander van Mechelen as its Chief Commercial Officer to support its accelerated growth in the traditional eyewear market and drive forward the company’s long-term, global eyewear sales initiatives. Luxexcel is the only company globally that provides a complete solution to 3D print prescription lenses which provides customers with efficiency gains and enables them to develop new innovative lens products.

Fabio Esposito, Chief Executive Officer at Luxexcel says, “Today’s industry requirements are for production efficiencies and lens design flexibility, and we provide this with our mature volume manufacturing technology for prescription lenses.”

Luxexcel’s 3D printing technology replaces about 30 different process steps in the lab and requires one operator running the entire manufacturing process. Our customers use the complete 3D printing solution to develop new innovative products and thereby adding a new revenue stream.

He continues, “With Xander joining our team we accelerate our go-to-market strategy and execution to address market demands for innovative prescription lens products. Electrochromic lenses, for example, are replacing photochromic lenses which are emerging as a more flexible product delivering a better consumer experience.”

Van Mechelen brings to Luxexcel global business development and technology innovation experience, gained from when he held commercial and technical leadership roles in both large and small companies. In recent years, Van Mechelen fulfilled the role of Managing Director of Kipp & Zonen and R&D director at OTT HydroMet. In these positions, Van Mechelen redefined product roadmaps and successfully expanded global commercial activities.

Van Mechelen concludes, “I’m excited to join such an innovative company. Luxexcel has developed a unique solution to 3D print lenses with prescription and integrated features. We’re compliant with most industry standards and meet ANSI, ISO, and FDA requirements for prescription eyewear. I look forward to working with ophthalmic labs to help expand their lens product portfolio and optimize their manufacturing processes.”

About Luxexcel
Luxexcel is the only company globally that prints 3D prescription lenses. As a pioneer, we have a unique understanding of the prescription eyewear market. Our in-depth knowledge and expertise help lens designers and manufacturers to create smart eyewear. Our customers expand their offerings with eyewear which corrects vision as well as includes smart-tech features. We do this with our unique patented 3D printing technology that embeds electronics, sensors, and films inside the lens and print prescription power on or around it. The smart tech is fully encased in our unique lens material, as we print. Luxexcel lenses are durable and thin and fit into conventional eyewear. We offer a complete 3D printing volume manufacturing solution which includes post-processes such as printing of hard coating on lenses, and we also address required features such as airgaps on waveguides.

Biography Xander van Mechelen
Chief Commercial Officer

As the Chief Commercial Officer, Xander Van Mechelen’s mission is to accelerate Luxexcel’s go-to-market strategy to prepare for the smart eyewear market. Xander matches his global business development expertise with his passion for technology innovation to successfully meet Luxexcel’s sales and service-related objectives.

Before joining Luxexcel, Xander held the positions of Managing Director at Kipp & Zonen and the Research & Development Director at OTT HydroMet. In these positions, Van Mechelen redefined global product roadmaps to deliver innovation on time and budget, and successfully expanded commercial activities in the USA and Asia, including establishing key partnerships and production transfer.

Xander has obtained a degree in business administration and also holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. In his leisure time, Xander likes painting and cycling as well as spending time with his family and friends.

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