Luxexcel set for growth in smartwear market

Luxexcel appoints Guido Groet a Chief Strategy Officer to provide a dedicated focus on strategic partnerships in smart prescription eyewear.

Eindhoven – April 15th, 2020
– To accelerate its growth in the smart eyewear market and to strengthen strategic partnerships, Luxexcel has appointed Guido Groet as its Chief Strategy Officer. Groet steps into this new role to help customers apply Luxexcel’s complete solution to 3D print prescription lenses and integrate technology inside a lens.

Fabio Esposito, Chief Executive Officer at Luxexcel says, “In the past years, Guido has been instrumental in growing our company’s commercial and strategic partnerships. His core focus now is to define strategic partnerships with Big Tech companies. He’s tasked to engage high-tech players to help create, develop and manufacture their next-generation of smart glasses.”

Esposito continues that many large high-tech companies are approaching Luxexcel to help them 3D print smart prescription eyewear. These companies  need to embed smart technology into prescription lenses. “We provide the answer with our technology, by providing the ability to create a single lens with advanced smart features during the printing process,” he says.

Groet has more than 20 years’ experience in the technology industry and brings global business development and technology innovation experience to the position, gained from when he held commercial, operational and business leadership roles in both large and small companies. He also previously held executive positions at ASML, where he was in charge of the Optics operations.

Groet comments, “Luxexcel is enabling the transition from traditional to smart eyewear. We have a complete and mature volume manufacturing solution to integrate technology in a prescription lens. As such, we experienced tremendous interest in our technology from high-tech, augmented, and virtual reality leaders, and smart and hardware developers. Our 3D printing solution enables new opportunities for high-tech companies and positions us as an essential solution in the smart wear market.”

About Luxexcel
Luxexcel is the only company globally that prints 3D prescription lenses. As a pioneer, we have a unique understanding of the prescription eyewear market. Our in-depth knowledge and expertise help lens designers and manufacturers to create smart eyewear. Our customers expand their offerings with eyewear which corrects vision as well as includes smart-tech features. We do this with our unique patented 3D printing technology that embeds electronics, sensors, and films inside the lens and print prescription power on or around it. The smart tech is fully encased in our unique lens material, as we print. Luxexcel lenses are durable and thin and fit into conventional eyewear. We offer a complete 3D printing volume manufacturing solution which includes post-processes such as printing of hard coating on lenses, and we also address required features such as airgaps on waveguides.

Biography Guido Groet
Chief Strategic Officer

As the Chief Strategy Officer, Guido Groet is the strategic brain behind Luxexcel’s go-to-market positioning as a disruptive player in the smart eyewear market. Guido has an extensive background in technology and is passionate, and has been instrumental, in bringing new technologies to market.

He’s worked for many years in both Europe and the USA for ASML, a world leader in semiconductor equipment. At ASML, Guido held VP positions in Business Development, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Strategy Development. He also took the lead in business relationships with the company’s optics partner, Zeiss, in Germany.

Guido has also been COO and subsequently CEO of venture capital financed company focused on disruptive high-tech manufacturing technologies. When Guido isn’t thinking ‘optics’ or ‘smart’, he likes to spend time with his family at their lake house in Italy.

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