Leisure wear

The focus of the Luxexcel platform solution for ophthalmic labs today is primarily on RX lens specialties. If you have a hobby like golf you would like to see both the ball and the scorecard but also the fairway. By providing the possibility to place addition anywhere you would like, leisure lenses are ideal for manufacturing with the Luxexcel printing platform.

Golfer lenses luxexcel 

The customization of lens designs that the Luxexcel technology provides will allow the optometrist to create a custom solution for the glasses wearer. By placing the addition on the exact location as required the patient will maximize the use of the leisure lenses.

custom golf addition lens
We strongly believe that these days we only see a glimpse of the possibilities that are arriving with this new way of making, and welcome anyone from the ophthalmics industry to join us on this exciting journey while taking an immediate benefit for their own business!

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