Occupational wear

The custom lenses the Luxexcel printing platform can 3D print will initially center around specialty lenses. We will focus our efforts around designing products for situations where excellent vision is essential, such as specific work environments. Occupational lenses for pilots could offer good sight of the instruments above and below as well as maintaining a clear view of the windshield. The Luxexcel 3D printing platform allows ophthalmic labs to manufacture custom solutions for occupational and leisure wear and offers eye care professionals to provide patients with special lens designs.

custom ophthalmic lens designpilot lenses Luxexcel

VisionMasterâ„¢- allows, both ophthalmic labs and eye care professionals to design lenses with custom positioned additions. 

The capabilities of this digital technology are very different from legacy lens manufacturing technologies. The arrival of 3D printed ophthalmics eliminates many boundaries of manufacturing specialists and designers when it comes to novel eyewear product development.

The first printers are installed and are 3D printing commercial lenses now. In the near future, eye care professionals may adopt this novel technology to meet the needs of their customers.  The arrival of 3D printed ophthalmics provides the eye care professional with a new revenue stream and an ability to deliver custom lens design which were impossible or difficult with legacy lens manufacturing. 

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