3D printed lens with embedded sensors

This showcase is a proof of concept which displays the potential of the Luxexcel Technology, the displayed product is not available to the market.

Students of Delft University of Technology developed a  functional prototype which demonstrates the possibility to integrate a sensor, device or screen inside the lenses. The project resulted in several ideas to embed materials in the lens. In this particular showcase, a solar cell is embedded in the lens to detect eye movement and blinks of the eye. From a functionality perspective, the solar cell is directed towards the eye and acts as a sensor. 

In addition, the Luxexcel 3D printing process enables to add custom RX power for an even greater user experience. The electronics can be positioned at any position to make the placement most optimal for the eyes. This will give designers, product developers, and wearers the freedom to create a custom lens with embedded sensors according to your personal use of your glasses. What if you can embed an LCD screen or a UV sensor in your lens?  It allows product developers to create unique eyewear products that are not possible to manufacture with legacy technology. 
Examples of the solar cell product 
In the lens, several elements are embedded to make eye blink detection possible. Below you can find more information regarding the elements Delft University of Technology students selected. In a study conducted by Sampei et. al (2015) more information can be found regarding the used layers in the lens. 
Detail on layers between lens
The 3D printed lens with embedded sensors corresponds with a specially designed add-on. Delft University of Technology students developed an add-on which can be used with different frame styles. The add-on includes a battery pack and several other features like indoor positioning, IoT connectivity and LED feedback. The combination of 3D printed lens with the embedded sensor and add-on results in a potential product concept for Luxexcel’s 3D printing technology. 





Easy Embedding: secondary materials like sensors can be easily embedded during the build process;

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