Lens decoration and information

Why customize only the prescription of the lens, why not add more features to the lens? An example is the possibility to incorporate logo’s, textures or figures onto the lens surface for an even greater personalized user experience.
Once the ophthalmic lens is produced by the Luxexcel Platform, it is possible to enrich the lens’ visual appearance by adding esthetical or informative elements. 
The Luxexcel software, provided with the Luxexcel in-lab solution, will allow the user to add any custom design element to the lenses he orders. 
These elements may contain decorative items, such as logo’s, textures, custom drawings, but can also serve more functional purposes: barcodes for lens processing, QR-codes that contain the lens prescription, process or user information.
Accordingly, any user in the supply chain will be able to foresee the lens with specific information: 
(1) For a designer it will be possible to include the lens in the frame design;
(2) For lab managers it becomes possible to add specific lens information to the lens for future references or with regards to the lens processing (prescriptions, coating instructions, etc.);
(3) For opticians it becomes possible to offer customization to lenses by allowing to put a graphical element on the lens.
In the showcase, you can see examples of:
QR codes
Branded elements
These process benefits will be a great tool for children lenses, events or fashion statements and another tool for eyewear designers AND opticians to make a real difference!


Personalized or branded appearance: user-defined logo, texture or animation.
Lenses as Information Carriers: the lens itself contains the prescription, process instructions, and user information. 

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