Electrochromic tint control

This showcase is a proof of concept and displays the technology potential for the future, the product displayed is not available to the market.
3D printing is an additive fabrication technology. The advantage of the 3D printing process is that the production process can be paused at any time and a secondary material (e.g. a small piece of electronics or thin film) can be placed inside the lens. After continuation, embedding the LCD screen or foil the printer starts to print  RX power on top of the film. The result is an embedded LCD screen or film in the lens. 
This particular showcase demonstrates the possibility to integrate an electrochromic foil into the lens. These foils make it possible to adjust the tint of the lenses. This can be done either manually by pushing the button, via an App on your handheld, or fully automated with a sensor in the frame. This makes it possible to instantly switch between light and dark instantly.

In the video below you can see an example of the 3D printed electronic tint control showcase 


Easily switch between a clear and colored;
No degradation in view;
Similar in appearance to photochromic sunglasses.
Scratch resistant: the foil is covered by the lens material on both sides thus ensuring an optimal performance


Easy Embedding: Integrated devices or materials in the 3D printed ophthalmic lens
Lens Customization: Customize both the lens and the material in the lens with the Luxexcel printing process.  

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