Custom lenses for VR & AR goggles

With smart eyewear.more specifically augmented reality and virtual reality products, lens manufacturing challenges in this particular field are increasing. 
Most headsets on the market today come with commodity products. As such they don’t cater individual user requirements. Almost every VR or AR goggle comes with zero focal power and they still need additional corrections for the users’ specific situation. Often, they are being combined with personal glasses. However, many frames don’t fit (comfortably) underneath the VR headsets.
With the Luxexcel technology, it is not only possible to produce specific lenses for this correction but it is also possible to add mounting features for easy adjustment of the lenses inside the headset. 

Tailored RX lens: receive a tailored solution and receive custom RX lenses for your VR or AR goggle. Do not limit your field of view or feel uncomfortable when wearing your goggle. 

Attached lens mounts: mounting features can be printed along with the lens, which creates an all-in-one solution available for every VR or AR device


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