Passive foils

This showcase is a proof of concept and displays future possibilities 3D printed ophthalmic lenses offer, the product displayed is not available to the market. 
3D printed ophthalmic lenses are available in different colors to suit all tastes. Users of such lenses can control the degree of the color be selecting the desired dark, medium or light tint. 
Tints are now applied by putting the lenses in a tint bath. This is a solution that requires a lot of skill to apply the tint in an appealing way. Especially if you would like to tint the lenses with a gradient this requires a lot of practice and time. 
What if you could industrialize this process and embed a tinted foil in the lens. 3D printing opens up new possibilities to enhance the lens design with custom features. One of the features what might be possible in the future is embedding a tinted foil in the lens. By embedding the foil in the lens you industrialize the process of gradient tinted lenses. 
3D printing allows you to stop the manufacturing process and embed anything in the lens and print an RX power on top of it. This enables ophthalmic labs to add new functions to the lens.
Embed material in the lens: Embed a colored foil in the lens and print an RX lens on top of the lens;
Tinted specialty lenses: This embedded foil allows you to create tinted specialty lenses like lenticular lenses or occupational wear


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