Polarization foils

This showcase is a proof of concept and displays potential applications for the future, this product is not available to the market
The additive Luxexcel manufacturing technology adds material rather than grating material away, like traditional manufacturing technologies. One of the benefits of the process is that the build process can be paused at any time to lay-in a secondary material. Small pieces of electronics, sensors or thin films, both adhesive or static, can be placed inside the lens and completely embedded in the material.
This user case displays the ability to integrate a polarization foil inside the lens. 3D printed polarizing lenses contain a special embedded filter that blocks unwanted light reflections and reduces scattering and glare.
As you will learn from the exploded view, the polarizing film is sandwiched between two lenses, right in the center of the lens. The polarization effect is stable and even over the full lens and, due to the fact it is fully encapsulated, the aging process will be significantly decreased and scratches will not impact the function.



Easy embedding:  Embed a foil in the lens and print a custom RX power on the foil;  
Foil protection: By embedding a polarized foil in the lens, the foil itself will be protected which prevents scratching off;
Mass Customization: Custom RX power can be added easily to any special lens design like high diopter lenses or lenses with multiple additions.

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