Custom specialty lenses

Luxexcel primarily provides its enabling manufacturing technology to independently owned ophthalmic labs for the fabrication of custom specialty lenses. As an accompaniment to its 3D printers, Luxexcel provides lens design software, called ‘VisionMaster’, that enables ophthalmic labs and their connected optometrists to create custom designs for their patients. By taking out the design complexity, difficult specialty lens prescriptions accessible for ophthalmic labs and optometrists. 
This showcase section displays a variety of more common specialty lens types such as prism's, bifocals, trifocals, high diopters and cylinder lenses. All of these custom lenses are 3D printed with the Luxexcel platform. In addition, you will find various occupational multifocal lenses with additions at custom locations like pilot lenses, golfer lenses and the often difficult to produce children lenses.
All lenses are tested are compatible with industry coatings and customary processes like edging and framing.

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