Occupational lenses

3D printed occupational lenses are specific designs in prescription eyewear that allow the user to have a tailored field of view for all working distances. 
With 3D printing, there is not such a thing as complexity, at least not when it comes to the design and fabrication of the ophthalmic lens shapes itself. 
In one print run, multiple lens functions, focal areas, and features can be printed. The custom 3D printed occupational lenses ensure an optimized view, both near and far. 
3D printed ophthalmic lenses can be tailored to its patients requirements in the work environment, examples are:  
  • Good vision at near to intermediate distances;
  • Stay focused for a longer period while using a computer, tablet or other devices at work;
  • Able to see and work best in precisely the range of vision the job requires;
  • Work in comfortable posture without putting excessive strain on neck and shoulders.
3D printed occupational lenses can be designed to allow the wearer to view all working distances comfortably within the working environment
Lenses that are fabricated with the Luxexcel 3D print solution address the needs of a wide range of professionals such as golfers, pilots, etc., requiring a good vision at near to extended intermediate range.

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