Encapsulated frame

This showcase displays a proof of concept for a unique lens/frame design. Where traditionally the lens is integrated into the frame, in this showcase, the frame is integrated into the lens. This proof of concept shows a truly unique design. 
With the introduction of Luxexcel 3D printing for the ophthalmic market, the design guidelines for eyewear are changing. The novel design rules are expected to have a massive impact on the future of eyewear design and fashion. 
Functional lenses can now become an integral part of the frame design. As there are physically no limitations to the build process, designers can shape unique and custom eyewear glasses where the design goes well beyond the frame.
The freeform design is not limited any longer to the lens surface only, but can also be enhanced by working around the frame.
Also, the left and right lens can now be easily connected. As such, the power of the left and right lens can even be customized. 
This showcase was developed in collaboration with the Israeli design agency Producks.

Freeform Fabrication: Design is no longer limited to the lens surface

Unique product: Instead of putting lenses in the frame, the frame can be put in the lens. 

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