Coated 3D printed lenses

When processing printed eyeglasses in an ophthalmic lab environment, there are different coatings that can be considered for application. All of them result in an even greater product performance for the end-user and offers enhanced safety and comfort. The Luxexcel process complies with several industry standard coatings. 
Hard Coatings (Scratch-resistance) 
There is no eyewear in the world today that is fully scratch resistant. Even glass lenses, made of the strongest material to wear, are not fully scratch-proof. 3D printed lenses face the same erosion: the acrylic based material is quite softer than glass, and therefore not fully resistant to scratching in its original state.
However, to enhance the durability of lenses, the printed glasses can be treated at the front and/or back with a fully clear coating that will make the surface much harder and make sure it can withstand more heavy impacts. 
UV-coatings (UV-blocker)
UV-rays from the sun might be harmful to your skin, those same rays can also damage your eyes. Just like a sunscreen protects your skin from harmful influences, a UV-block can help you protect your eyes. 
In fact, the printed plastics material already blocks a significant part of the UV-light. However, adding an additional UV-blocker could protect you for 100% against harmful UV-influences. 
Mirror Coating
Placed on the outer surface of the 3D printed lens, mirror coatings help to protect your eyes from direct sunlight giving a strong aesthetic impact. For complete protection (100%) from UV rays, it is recommended in combination with the UV filter.
AR Coatings (anti-glare)
AR coatings are thin-layer coatings that are applied to the surface of the 3D printed glasses to avoid reflections. The coatings can be applied to both the front and the back of the glasses. 
In general, the application of AR coatings offers great comfort in all day- and artificial lighting conditions and make your 3D printed eyeglasses – including yourself – look even more attractive!

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