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3D printed lenses offer a whole new approach to creating optics. With 3D printed lenses an ophthalmic lab can print lenses in the exact shape as required by the patient. Luxexcel is the only company able to print ophthalmic lenses, today. 3D printing is a revolutionary technology to build a lens from tiny little droplets without any need of semi-finished blanks, the lenses are built in the shape and accuracy required without the need of polishing.

Remarkable about the technology is that with a speed of 4 lenses per hour, lenses are printed ready for coating. Products which can be manufactured with the print setup are those products which are hard to manufacture today with current technology:

• Special lenses: high powers, prisms. Lenticulars, slab-offs, etc
• Customized optics bi/tri/quadri focals: where the lab can position the additions where required
• Customized cosmetics where the user or the lab can add custom visible markings, sports figures, names, brands, decorations etc.

The above products are the offering today, there will be regular releases of new products and applications to be used by the connected labs. Any new future hardware, software, materials and product releases will be provided to the lab directly or through a hardware upgrade if required.

Luxexcel’s offering includes a full turnkey solution where a printer, the required materials, the print recipes, the license, support, and maintenance are included and delivered directly to the lab. In addition, a lens design software package is included, which allows the lab and its customers to create custom lens products adapted to the needs of the patient.

Commercial benefits of 3D printed ophthalmic lenses

Enhanced product portfolio: Broadening of the ophthalmic lab product portfolio: more special lenses and more custom products; and in future unique products that are not possible to manufacture with legacy technology
Specialty product offering with a quick turnaround time;
Innovative power: The ophthalmic lab can position itself as a true innovator;
Independence: Reduce dependence from the offering of the traditional supply chain;
Product differentiation: Be able to offer the future unique products as shown in the inspiration section;
Kick-start: Labs and retailers who join this revolution will be able to get an early start!

Luxexcel Platform def RGB

The benefits of the Luxexcel VisionPlatform

• A solution to manufacture difficult lenses in-house
• No CAPEX for the lab, Luxexcel will provide a full 3D print setup.
• No blanks required, reduction of inventory and of manpower for stock picking
• No need to reconfigure generators, polishers, blockers and laser markers, the 3D print setup will provide lenses ready to be coated
• No waste, no swarf from generators or polishers, no metals for blocking, no water.

3D printing has revolutionized many industries. Until recently it was thought that ophthalmic was an area off-limits to the 3D printing revolution, but with the launch of the Luxexcel VisionPlatform, the ophthalmic world will be able to offer exciting new products to its customers. We are at a crossroad of our industry where true innovation allows a global industry to take a new direction!

Interested in the possibilities for your ophthalmic lab?

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