What if you are not limited to the lens stock you will have in your lab? What if you can provide your patient with exactly the type of lens he/she will need?

By making use of 3D printing you will have more design freedom to create customized lenses. Alongside the Luxexcel 3D printed we will provide ophthalmic labs with a custom lens design software suite called the Luxexcel VisionMaster™. With this tool, optometrists/opticians can design custom lenses for their patient. 

Luxexcel VisionMaster def RGB

A highlight of several functions that will be available in the Luxexcel VisionMaster™

  • Design custom lenses with multiple additions, for use in leisure wear, occupational wear, lifestyle glasses and other specific applications.
  • Create aspheric lens designs, thinner than traditional lenses with the same refractive index
  • Design lenses with slab-offs
  • Design specialty lenses like high diopter lenses or lenses with high cylinders
  • Customize the base curve used for the lens 

custom ophthalmic lens design

The VisionMaster™ provides the optician with a tool to place additions on the lens, where required and create the lens needed for the patient. The software tool will be available through our partner labs which have a VisionPlatform™ installed. After the custom lens design is created, the lens file then will be sent to a selected ophthalmic lab which has a 3D print platform installed on site. The lab will print the lenses and send them to the optician or optometrist. 

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