Ophthalmic Prototyping

Luxexcel offers a unique and novel way of ophthalmic lens fabrication by means of additive manufacturing. With patented Luxexcel 3D printing technology, lenses are smooth straight from the printer, with zero need for post-processing, such as grinding or polishing. Also, there is no need for upfront investments in tooling and inventory. These benefits eliminates several steps in the lens making process. Finally, printing lenses enables the creation of new products and applications, for both today and tomorrow.

Luxexcel Partnership development program

Established ophthalmic labs are welcome to “trial and error” their new product ideas and applications in a fast and cost-effective way. They can now ‘iterate’ and ‘variate’ easily, and validate their concepts.

The benefits from 3D printed ophthalmic lenses is that opens up doors to applications that were never accessible before, or very cost and time intensive to fabricate. The flexibility of Printoptical Technology empowers novel lens designs, such as:

• Embedded (secondary) Materials

Thin films, (printed) electronics, lens filters, chips and sensors, amongst other materials, both optical and non-optical, can be seamlessly embedded in the lenses and printing process in order to create novel lens features and applications.

• Freeform Shapes and Surfaces

Creating unique (freeform) shapes is one of the benefits of 3D printing. When using 3D printing technologies to create eyeglass lenses you can physically ‘shape’ new lens designs, both on the optical surface (aspherical, prismatic) and lens contours, edging the lenses after printing is no longer a must.Why stick to standard lens styles if you can make for example, easily a triangled lens with the same or less efforts?

Hardware & Technology

In addition, enabling Luxexcel technology is now available for Ophthalmic Labs around the globe. Using the novel printing process, the actual lens processing chain and services can be enhanced and shortened. Above all, novel lens features and applications can help ophthalmic labs enrich their offering. Optical Labs are welcome to enquire and to discover the possibilities for our business, both for today and tomorrow.

Are you an independently working ophthalmics laboratory and interested in having a 3D printer on site?
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