TU Delft students created innovative product designs

Would you like to get inspired how to make use of Printoptical Technology in your project? Delft University of Technology students created the concept car for our transparent 3D printing service. As a bachelor project, students developed a prototype which can be the concept car for our unique technology.

All the projects highlighted below all got the opportunity  to win the Luxexcel Innovative Application Student Award 2015. More information on the winners can be found here.

Acryx Shoes

Acryx is world's first fully 3D printed shoes with 3D printed transparent parts. ACryx is entirely 3D printed with an Ultimaker 2 using NinjaFlex as material for the shoe, whereas the transparent elements in the shoe are 3D printed by Luxexcel.

Porthos Earphones

The Porthos Earphones are built around four key elements. First, there is the noise cancelling, which is better than any product currently available on the market, because the earphones are custom made.

Lightfield Camera Module

This module has a 4x4 array of lenses which works the same way as the eye of a bug does. The field of view of a bug is in full focus because of the many tiny lenses in its eyes. Microlens arrays apply the same effect to cameras, allowing the full picture to be in focus.

Apnea Brace

The brace will be almost invisible, which is very interesting for the using, looking at the aes-thetics of the current braces.Due to the smooth surfaces in the print technique of Luxexcel, the brace will be highly ergonomic.

Luminous Watch

The Luminos watch has a simple design that can fit in with any style. The watch has a classic look, with an aluminium case and leather bracelet. But this watch has one aspect which makes it new in the watch industry: you can see through the middle.


More and more buildings are abandoned and left unused. STUTTGART offers architects and interior designers an innovative lighting arrangement to make unused interior spaces useful again.


VEIL will effect Luxexcels business by creating an opportunity to use their print technology in a new area, namely the interactive exposition of art.


Luxexcel’s 3D printing technique was used to create an innovative lighting system which uses a light guide to beam light only on the art-piece itself.

Vasu Malaria Test

‘Vasu’ is a smartphone case meant for doctors in rural India to diagnose malaria in the blood of patients. The device is a combination of a smartphone app and a case.

Virtual Reality Headset

The Luxexcel VR headset will excel in giving the user the best possible virtual reality experience by maximising their field of view. This is done by using 3D printed lenses in the design.


CheckMate is an interactive game of chess. With the use of LED-lights and light guides, an educational function is added to the game of chess. CheckMate has a big emphasis on aesthetics.

Daylight in the underground

A flat solar collector has been designed for Luxexcel. It can be used for concentrated solar power, but also for daylight systems. In the latter case light is guided into a glass fibre, after which it can be transported to where daylight is more scarce.


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