Optics Within Days

We know about the hassle of having to invest in expensive tooling upfront. We have felt the frustration of having to start over when it turns out the mold needs to be adjusted.

We know of your tight deadlines and your limited budget. You need to deliver.

What if you could get your custom optics 3D printed?

This would save both time and money.

With Luxexcel’s Printoptical © Technology this is possible. This technology has proven itself time after time, being able to produce functional prototypes within 5 working days. It helps reduce risk, because you can easily iterate and test different designs. Allowing you to create your custom optics within days.

Advantages of Printoptical © Technology

Your prototypes and small start-up series can be produced both fast and cost-effective with Luxexcel’s Printoptical © Technology.

  • Short lead time of 5 working days. Your custom optics will be shipped to you within 5 working days. More complex designs can be shipped within 10 working days.
  • No minimum order quantity. Why would you want to invest in a mold just to validate your initial prototypes? Simply upload your file and let us know the amount you want to order.
  • No post processing. Other processes require post processing. With Printoptical © Technology the smooth product is delivered straight from the printer. No grinding, sanding or polishing required.
  • Fast iterating. This cost- and time-effective approach enables you to fully utilize the design freedom and rapid prototyping possibilities of 3D printing within days. Print, adjust and re-print your product until it is perfect for your customer’s needs.

Service offering

We specialize in rapid prototyping custom optics. Our service offering includes:

  • Sample kit: Order your sample kit with 5 lenses incl. shipment for €499,- and get 50% of the sample kit refunded on your next order. Order your kit here.
  • Prototyping: This is our core offering: manufacturing-as-a-service. Our prototyping service pricing is based on non-recurring engineering costs inc. an initial masterpiece and additional prototypes. It takes 5-8 business days to manufacture parts. Our prototyping service starts at €500,-. Making iterations and variations of your products is  possible, please contact our Sales team for a price indication.
  • Scanning: Order a 3D scan or mesh from your manufactured optical part. This scan shows the deviations between the CAD file and the actual 3D printed product. The report is delivered as a PDF file.

If you want to make use of the possibilities for rapid prototyping of optics simply send us an e-mail or upload your file and request your quote. Let us help you make good products for your customers.

Interested in our rapid prototyping technology for optics?

Download our 3D printing service description and learn about the benefits of our Printoptical © Technology.

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