Creating an even light distribution with a 3D printed concave lens

The challenge

Luxexcel was asked to create a secondary LED optic for Oligo’s plug-in pendant lighting fixture, in order to optimize the light distribution and to enhance the visual product appearance.

Problem definition

The LED chip of the system luminaire is positioned straight on the cooling body, right at the top of the led fixture's colored lamp shade. This resulted in two engineering

Uneven lit lamp shade
A lot of light is concentrated at the top sections of the shade, since the light source is located close to the lamp glass in that area. Preferably, the lampshade should be more evenly lit.

Contrasting Light Pattern
The light pattern at the beneath working area was defined by the circular opening of the lamp glass. This results in a strong narrow beam projection on the surface. A wider and more uniform beam spread is preferred to evenly illuminate the area with a smooth overlap of the individual lamp beams.

Fixing the Lighting Fixture

Luxexcel advised the use of a light guide with a matted surface finish to create a smooth vertical light distribution. Via the inner clear part, the light is transported from the LED chip to the opening of the lamp shade.
A small concave plastic optic, foreseen with a selectively matted surface finish was applied to the end of a PMMA cylinder to direct the light from there in a wider beam angle.

Apart from the functional prototype of this innovative lighting fixture, Luxexcel ran various small start-up series to meet the immediate customer demand.

Unique project features

  • Fast Prototype Manufacturing Process: in just a few days from scratch to optic: via the optics design, design simulations, iterations to a functional testing prototype.
  • No Upfront Investments: thanks to the zero need for tooling, no working capital was lost to molding and tooling parts.
  • Manufacturing Precision: application of selective matte surface finishing for diffuse light radiation.
  • Ordering on Demand: No minimum order quantities required, ordering in quantities as needed.
  • Exact Part Replication: after testing, validation and approval of the prototype, various small start-up series manufacturing were ran.

Thanks to the ease, speed and flexibility of Luxexcel’s fast Printoptical process we’ve got an even more perfect and functionally improved luminaire at the same time.

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