Printed linear tilt lens increases flexibility for outdoor ground-spot

The challenge

Create a Lens System for Paviom’s Award Winning in-ground ‘LoFoot’ LED fixture that enables easy project customization by iterating the symmetrical light beam into a directed asymmetrical one, without the need for extraordinary upfront investments in tooling or inventory.

Problem definition

From its origin, the beam of the powerful LoFoot uplighter has a symmetrical light beam radiation, which is perfect for the upwards illumination of a steep object, but less perfect for directed side lighting. The need for an easy, interchangeable lens to redirect the light rises project by project.

The Solution for this LED fixture

Luxexcel created a 20 degree tilt lens with a linear optical lens structure. The individual prisms of the lens redirect the light output from the AR111 LED light source (reflector). The lens is contour-cut by laser  into a round shaped version to enable a perfect mounting and fit into the lighting fixture.

Project Summary

Binary Lighting Ltd. is a progressive lighting distributor, manufacturer and lighting design company based in the UK. Binary offers its clients a broad range of unique quality brands, design support and lighting solutions that suit a wide range of projects and requirements. Binary works closely with the designers of commercial interiors and exteriors, retail fit outs, as well as luxury residential projects. They are able to facilitate the full process incl. design, supply and installation for their customers.

In their projects, they frequently apply the Award Winning “LoFoot” lighting Fixture from Paviom, a superb in-ground range of outdoor luminaires. From an in-ground position, the product is used for illumination of building facades, statues, forestry environments and any outdoor object that may need a powerful or more subtle illumination.

Unique project features

  • No Upfront Investments: Thanks to the zero need for tooling, no working capital was lost to mold tooling parts.
  • Easy Iterations: Easy adjustment of symmetrical beam functionality into a tailored asymmetrical solution ranging from 1 to 44 degrees
  • Ordering on Demand: No minimum order quantities re.quired and no stock keeping. Project based ordering in exact quantities in a short timeframe.
  • Exact Part Replication: After testing, validation and approval of the prototype, various small series were ran from time to time.

Paviom LoFoot lighting fixture easily customizable thanks to the availability of a 3D printed prismatic tilt lens that helps to redirect the light from a purely symmetrical into a tailored asymmetrical light beam.

Project manager

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