Optics Prototyping

With Luxexcel’s Printoptical © Technology 3D printing of ophthalmic lenses is available. This opens up new possibilities to create unique eyewear products, create novel lens functionalities and develop new eyeglass concepts. 

Advantages of Printoptical © Technology

Your prototypes and small start-up series can be produced both fast and cost-effective with Luxexcel’s Printoptical © Technology.

  • Freedom of shape. 3D printing allows you to create unique shapes for your lens. Customization in the eyewear industry will be accessible for eyeglass lenses. 
  • No post processing. Other manufacturing processes require post processing like grinding to manufacture a lens. With Printoptical © Technology the smooth product is ready straight out of the printer. No grinding, sanding or polishing required.

If you want to make use of the possibilities for rapid prototyping of optics simply send us an e-mail or upload your file. Please note that our prototyping service is only upon request. 

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