Video gallery

View our company videos to learn about 3d printed lenses 

Luxexcel in-lab solution

Luxexcel offers a turn-key solution for ophthalmic labs to manufacture specialty lenses. Learn more about the Luxexcel platform in this video.

3D printed ophthalmic lens

This video is a time-lapse video of a 3D printed high prism lens and will give you a preview inside the Luxexcel printer.


Animation Luxexcel 3D print technology

This video explains how our technology works and how we offer ophthalmic labs the possibility to 3D print ophthalmic specialty lenses.


Showcases Printoptical © Technology

The following showcases are developed to showcase the broadness and possible application areas of the Luxexcel technology for 3D printed ophthalmic lenses. The goal is to inspire and show the potential for the future. If there are particular areas you are interested in or would like to discuss new business development opportunities please feel free reach out to us.

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