Solutions for the next generation of eyewear

Our technology enables:lenses with integrated smart technology

Why 3D print a lens?

Luxexcel technology offers a new approach to lens manufacturing. This unique 3D printing technology allows flexibility in design and the ability to manufacture prescriptions on-demand without inventories, and all at a competitive price. The result is fully customized lenses for traditional eyewear or smart glasses.

The Luxexcel technology solution offers new opportunities to differentiate and create custom lens products.

3D printing has the most impact when volume production is required in combination with individual customization.

3d printed prism lenses

Traditional Prescription lenses

3D printing of traditional prescription lenses is highly efficient by eliminating 30+ process steps compared to legacy lens manufacturing. Luxexcel technology offers the opportunity to manufacture lenses by providing flexibility and customization in lens design with a scalable platform.

Luxexcel 3d printed prescription eyewear for photochromic glasses

Feature lenses

3D printing enables integration of active filters. Integration can include completely embedding the object inside the prescription lens as we print around it or printing on the object. Feature lenses such as electrochromic lenses with an integrated film which switches from dark to transparent or filters which electrically change power.

smart eyewear glasses

Smart lenses

3D printing enables the addition of prescription lenses to smart devices like waveguides, holographic films or LCD screens integrating the whole device into one single product. Our process of 3D printing wearable technology opens up endless possibilities for creating the next generation of smart glasses.

Develop the next generation of eyewear

The proprietary Luxexcel technology is a great fit for companies requiring flexibility in the design and manufacturing of prescription lenses for smart glasses. We have development projects with:

  • Technology companies, AR/VR companies, smartwear and hardware manufacturers who understand the growing need for prescription lenses and are looking for a solution to integrate their device into a lens.
  • Ophthalmic Labs who want to be part of the future and want to be ready to sell smart prescription products to their customers in addition to traditional lens products.
  • Eyewear companies who want to stand out by offering their customers new and differentiating products and create a novel revenue stream.

1 | Traditional Glasses

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2 | Feature Glasses

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3D printed electrochromic sunglass

3 | Smart Glasses

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Example of 3D printed smartglasses
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