Feature Glasses

Our technology enables partners to embed smart functionalities inside a lens.

Across all industries, 3D printing has enabled the creation of completely new products and more efficient manufacturing processes. This is seen in well-established legacy manufacturing industries like the eyewear industry. Luxexcel’s lens production technology offers opportunities to make lenses that double as wearable technology. Prescription lenses with embedded technology enable our partners to produce smart glasses whilst slimming down the product design.

Feature lenses

There is a growing demand for vision correction and wearable technology to merge into one device. Combining these to make smart glasses is a huge untapped opportunity for both consumers and the wearable technology industry. Together with partners, we are creating the eyewear of the future, today. The patented Luxexcel technology is the only solution to 3D print lenses, add prescription and integrate embedded foils. This is not lamination but completely encapsulated inside the presciption lens material. This combination is deal for the next generation of prescription eyewear and smart glasses.

Examples of feature lenses are:

Other possibilities are integration of active foils and films, and simple electronics such as a sensor or a light interacting with the wearer to share information with them.

By providing custom lenses with a better form factor and integrated functionalities, glasses can look as “normal” as fashion eyewear, but have additional hidden features only the wearer can experience. The end-product is smart and functional eyewear with an acceptable and fashionable appearance.

3d printed lens process
3D printed eyewear on sheet

Integrating technology inside lenses

Creating novel lens products with smart features and complex optical devices is a significant untapped opportunity for eyewear manufacturers. Potential products include prescription lenses with various sensors, liquid crystal focusing, electrochromic on-demand sunwear, or any eyewear that requires a prescription printed around electronics.

Luxexcel technology allows foils to be embedded inside lenses by printing the prescription around the electronics or film completely encapsulating it inside the prescription lens. Currently, there is no ideal prescription solution for lenses with integrated smart technology. Some companies tried lamination but found it had challenges and limitations.

Together with our lab partners, frame partners, and consumer electronics partners, we can create new eyewear which doesn’t exist today. This allows a range of possibilities for the development of smart glasses many have not considered before because it simply couldn’t be done. Let’s take it one step further.

Feature case studies