Traditional Prescription Glasses

Our 3D printing technology enables customers to develop prescription lenses, the absolute foundation of glasses.

Traditional ophthalmic lenses

Prescription eyewear lenses have been around for centuries with limited innovation or modernization. By 3D printing lenses, it is possible to customize the flexibility and scalability of lens manufacturing. Our partners are able to upgrade existing lenses such as

  • Single vision lenses
  • Bifocals
  • Progressives
  • Specialty lenses

Luxexcel does not seek to replace legacy eyewear lenses but to work with our ophthalmic lab and eyewear partners, to develop unique lens products, create new revenue streams and enable our partners to 3D print them in volume.

Simplify lens manufacturing

Luxexcel technology simplifies the lens production process by making use of one machine instead of 30+ process steps in legacy lens manufacturing. Our platform makes many steps in the traditional lens manufacturing, such as grinding and blocking, obsolete.

Unique and innovative technology

Advancements in 3D printing have already brought a revolution to many different industries. Various limitations in current manufacturing technologies are eliminated, enabling manufacturers to create new designs and develop unique product features. 3D printing has the most impact when needing to produce at volume but with individual customization, which is exactly what the eyewear industry requires.

woman with traditional glasses
3D printed lenses
3D printed eyewear on sheet

Lens customization with 3D printing

We offer the ability for our partners to customize lenses and lens shape specifications with the Luxexcel VisionMaster™ software. One can optimize lens edge thickness, choose the placement of the optical center according to the wearer’s requirements. For example, we designed a much thinner lens profile for a lab partner who wanted to sell a low vision product with high plus lenses and high prism, by optimizing the form of the lens for the frames chosen. 3D printed prescription lenses, for traditional eyewear and wearable technology, are no longer just a prototype. Patients are wearing them every day.

Volume manufacturing

Our customers across Europe and the United States who use Luxexcel technology, manufacture quality lenses at volume, every single day. Working together with partners, we develop unique lenses to print in volume and deliver to end customers.

Traditional lenses are the building blocks for all types of glasses. Our technology enables novel lenses for the development of even more exciting and useful products.

Across all industries, 3D printing has enabled the creation of completely new products and more efficient manufacturing processes. This is seen in well-established legacy manufacturing industries such as the eyewear industry. Luxexcel’s lens production technology offers opportunities to make lenses that double as wearable technology. Prescription lenses with embedded technology enable our partners to produce smart glasses whilst maintaining the look of fashion eyewear in the product design.

Ophthalmic case studies