The Luxexcel Technology

3D print prescription lenses

The Luxexcel Technology

Innovative technology bringing unique smart integration possibilities to a number of ophthalmic and smartwear industries.

Lens production for traditional and smart glasses

The typical method of lens manufacturing requires several complex processes like grinding and polishing. Although producing a good quality lens, it compromises complex finishing, high inventory and wastes a significant amount of material.

Luxexcel developed a technology that makes use of 3D printing to produce quality prescription lenses. The proprietary Luxexcel technology platform™ replaces about 30 process steps required to make a regular lens. In addition to prescription lenses, the Luxexcel technology enables the seamless integration of technology into a lens to produce smart glasses.

The Luxexcel Technology and process revolutionizes the way prescription lenses and smart glasses are made.

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The process

The Luxexcel Technology is an additive fabrication process designed to create lenses for traditional and smart glasses. Our Luxexcel VisionPlatform™ is a turnkey solution which can produce unique prescription lenses in volume.

The proprietary Luxexcel Technology builds lenses droplet by droplet. From a liquid material of Luxexcel VisionClear™, small droplets combine to build the required lens shape. A 3D printer jets billions of these tiny droplets into their exact position, obtaining a very smooth lens surfaces with no need for any post-processes.

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Custom lens design

A custom prescription lens is designed for 3D printing.

machine with lens droplet
3D printing the lens

We start with a bottle of ink, press '3D print', and start building the custom prescription lens.

How to integrate technology to make smart glasses

Our flexible and scalable Luxexcel Technology allows our partners to create fully customized lenses with integrated smart technology. The lens 3D printing process starts with a bottle of ink and builds the lens layer by layer.

This opens up opportunities to integrate waveguides or LCDs of films inside the lens, producing the ultimate wearable technology.

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Quality prescription lenses

Alongside printing, the lenses are compatible with regular lab processes like the coating and edging of lenses to fit them into their frame.

Lenses made using the Luxexcel Technology have certified ophthalmic quality, pass all required ISO and ANSI standards, and meet FDA requirements. We have the flexibility to create unique products in volume, and the stability to do it continuously. Our bespoke machinery operates commercially in the United States and Europe every single day.

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Compliant with ISO/ANSI/FDA standards

Partnering with Luxexcel includes manufacturing quality lenses that meet all industry standards, including ANSI, ISO & FDA requirements.

Available today

The manufacturing technology is available today, we have several commercial installations on a global scale.

Partner with us and bring your vision to life

We are already working with several major tech companies to create the eyewear of the future.