VisionClear™ Technical Documentation

Learn more about the Luxexcel VisionClear™ material family.

Luxexcel 3D printed lenses comply with industry ISO/ANSI standards and FDA requirements. Learn more about the capabilities of our technology by downloading technical data. The Luxexcel VisionClear™ material family is an integral part of the Luxexcel VisionPlatform™ . These materials are optimized to be 3D printed by the Luxexcel VisionEngine™ in a layer-by-layer manner, to produce ophthalmic lenses covering a broad range of prescriptions.

Luxexcel VisionClear: material

ISO power Compliant with ISO 8980-1:2004 Focal Power.
COLTS Report available upon request
Drop ball Passed

Ophthalmic compliance

Standard Affects Verified
ANSI Z80.1 Ophthalmic prescription lens quality
ISO 8980-1 Focal Power
EN 166 Minimum robustness
ISO 8980-3 Transmittance, Cut of UVA, UVB, Driving, resistance to radiation
ISO 14889 Additional reqs. For Driving Daylight and night
CFR 801.410 FDA Drop ball Impact resistance
Yellowness index Cosmetic appearance


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3D printing is changing the world, now it has arrived to optics.
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